As of December 26 and until January 9 inclusive, extended to January 23 inclusive for the Southern Ontario region*, our stores remain open but only for curbside pickup following an online order.However, you can still shop online at any time and benefit from flexible delivery options, including parcel delivery and contact-free home delivery. $14.99. There is now an LED solution to replace your inefficient 250W-500W E11 Halogen bulbs! From their website,, you can get instructions on replacing fuses and bulbs, get live online help from a customer service representative, send them email, and more. This is great for frequently used fixtures—this GE Nighthawk Warm White LED bulb is rated to last 13 years based on 3 hours days use and saves 207 dollars on energy costs over the bulb's life versus a 150-Watt PAR halogen bulb. View on Vehicle $184.99. This 3,000 kelvin warm white light is dimmable and will replace 250 watt incandescent bulbs. Protect and beautify your home with the very bright light of GE Nighthawk LED PAR38 (4-3 with 4-inch diameter) Floodlight bulbs. collection. Current, powered by GE combines GE's capabilities in LED lighting, Solar, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle infrastructures into a sustainable energy ecosystem that benefits customers. Grainger's got your back. Ge Refresh 2 Pack 65 W Equivalent Dimmable Daylight Br30 Led Light 26 watt 250 equivalent daylight par38 led night chaser led flood light bulbs 250 watt equivalent veser vtngcf org sylvania ultra 250w equivalent dimmable daylight par38 led flood led flood spot light 250w equivalent 2650 lumen replacement for. LED Outdoor solutions deliver a light closer to natural daylight than the traditional lamps of the past. All while having the light output to replace up to 500 watts. A light bulb with a 2700K color temperature produces a warm white light that closely resembles the color light of an incandescent light bulb. GE Lighting 97674 GE LED 40W Equivalent Soft White G16 Globe Clear Candelabra Base Dimmable LED Light Bulb (2-Pack) UPC 043168891394. It is an ideal equivalent for replacing a 250-Watt incandescent bulb. Whether lighting your workshop or construction site, this long-lasting, rechargeable and powerful light source delivers the lighting you need while staying tough against the elements. GE Power Flood Light 480V 400W PF1S40S5A26X6DB. HWD:165x184x63mm qty. The light output on this unit measures an incredible 60,000 lumens!! The rugged design replaces conventional sealed beam halogen products, operates close to daylight (5,600 degrees Kelvin) color temperature, and has extremely long life of 15,000 hours versus GE’s standard headlamp of 320 hours. GE holiday light sets and holiday replacement bulbs are available from Nicolas Holiday, Inc. which has a licensing agreement with GE to make and distribute all GE holiday lights. The Platinum now say they are +90%! or Best Offer. The Nighthawk Platinum’s came out at 17% brighter over basic or stock bulbs, and among the best out of all GE bulbs tested. They ranked 3 rd in our testing overall, falling 10% behind the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra’s, and are actually 1% brighter than the GE Nighthawk Xenon’s, at a cheaper price too with an average cost on Amazon of about $36 vs about $52 for the Xenon’s. Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with this Feit Electric® 250 watt BR40 LED light bulb one-pack. If you prefer the color of halogen bulbs, choose a PAR38 LED with in the 3000-3500 Kelvin range. Improve your efficiency with the ABN LED Flood Light 50W Rechargeable Portable Work Light. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer and more yellow the light. This LED flood light also has high color rendering and is designed to enhance your home and make the colors around your home appear vibrant, richer and more natural. GE Bright White LED light bulbs offer outstanding energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and just-right brightness, all in one package. Free shipping for many products! DreamJewels Heart Infinity Style Lab Created Dark Green Peridot Round Cut 14k Rose Gold Plated Anniversary Wedding Band Ring Women's: Clothing. LED Downlights. SKU: GE-85377. Visit the post for more. • –40°C to 50°C UL Ambient Typical. 2 New GE General Electric 25 Watt Chandelight Flair Bulbs Iridescent and Clear. • … 250W Equivalent Heavy-duty LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulbs Classic in Style, Heavy-duty in Performance. LED Lighting. It features all-weather construction that?s rated for wet locations. delivery. It features all-weather construction that’s rated for wet locations. This GE Nighthawk Outdoor LED Floodlight is great for security lights, garages, backyards and barns. GE Evolve LED Flood Light – EFMI LED 96W GEH-6066. The broad beams of dimmable, warm white light brighten rooms to provide a sense of security when the sun goes down. View all It produces a similar light output (2500 lumens), uses 30 watts of electricity, and up to 88 percent less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb. The latest LED lighting solutions provide an ideal upgrade path for public bodies looking to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Video thumbnail. LED Security Floodlights. Select from 3 variations. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GE Nighthawk LED 32W 3000 Lumens Bright White Outdoor Floodlight at the best online prices at eBay! Each. LED can make striking aesthetic improvements to landscapes and cityscapes. The Nighthawk sport appear to be blue and if so I'm ruling those out immediately. LED Strips. This Movie Comparison Is Between 15w Led Spot Lights and 15w Led Flood Lights.