The following information will guide you through getting all the Puzzle Pieces in order, however, there will be some backtracking. There is an AP Boost (Treasure #7) over there. The final person is near the south exit. Like before, Sora has five tries within each attempt at this job. Travel through Twilight Town all the way to The Old Mansion. You can then wander around the town a bit as you make your way to the station. Defeat him a total of 10 times to unlock the fight against Setzer. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With 0 MP, Berserk activates, causing Sora to perform basic attacks only. Many of them can only be reached through the abilities acquired from leveling Drive Forms, such as Valor's High Jump, Master's Aerial Dodge, and Final's Glide. Twilight Town. There are three chests in the Central Station. There are six chests scattered throughout Twilight Town. Sora receives the Strength Beyond Strength Synthesis Recipe, and a Lost Illusion Synthesis Item for defeating this Silhouette. Take the western door to reach the Dining Room, and two chests: a Mythril Crystal and a Mythril Stone (Treasures #36-37). Win by obtaining all of the opponent's orbs. Reward: AP Boost. The closest wonder is The Friend from Beyond the Wall. Still, be aggressive and watch for his attacks. After the cutscene, head to the far end of the Mansion's upper floor to unlock the bottom level of the room. Nearby in the back alley is a wall you can inspect to initiate a mini-game. Though Roxas will be getting a few treasures during his brief adventure, they won't count towards the treasure list for this world. A crown is sitting on the table in this room (Piece #12). Target lock-on to enemies as shoot, moving up and down the center pathway between the pillars. After which you must talk to him to progress the story. The scene here foreshadows when Sora will be able to participate in a Struggle tournament later on in the game. Directly ahead is a Hi-Potion (Treasure #6). Be ready to jump away from its attacks until the creature eventually stands on the platform. They have a very powerful combo attack, and can disappear from the field of battle for a short time. Your final opponent will be Setzer, and he's a bit more challenging than the previous competitors. Sora's back, baby! The goal here is to juggle the Heartless for a total of 85 hits. Above the water feature is a crown (Piece #5). Hop off this ledge to the east, then go as far north as you can into the back of a small alley. At the start, only Hayner is available to fight. When the Nobody goes Super Saiyan, that's Sora's cue to get out of the way. Bones functional but unnamed; as with my other packs, feel free to rename them and I'll put a link to your finished work here if you'd like. 164 . Just run up and combo Axel until he starts doing something else. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey are sent to the last World in Kingdom Hearts 2: The World That Never Was. ), then continue to the Sorcerer's Loft for more story scenes. When you successfully defeat Setzer, you'll be rewarded with the Champion Belt for your efforts. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It's time to tackle the last wonder on the map, The Animated Bag. I still need to complete: -the poster duty in 30 seconds -Junk Sweep in 6 hits or less and - Uphill Cart "thing" challenge in alloted time I have all my forms up to 5th lvl, I'm lvl 99, and I have the Ultima Keybalde. You can do any of the jobs as many times as you'd like, though in honesty none of it matters. For the second bird, jump up into the air to reach it. If you are missing Treasure Chest on the Journal for Twilight Town this means you are missing the Treasure Chest that Sora can find and has NOTHING whatsoever to … Si Sora réussit à retrouver toutes les pièces et les rassembler correctement, il aura une récompense. He has several moves that launch Sora into the air; try waiting to use Aerial Recovery, as doing it at the right time can avoid some damage. However, you can finish these fights quite a bit sooner by collecting all of the opponent's orbs. Jul 17th, 2015. It pops up occasionally on its own, but the trick is to get close to Lexaeus and Guard his attacks. Above the center of the area; use the skateboard or. Return to Twilight Town to proceed with the story, magically arriving at The Usual Spot. There are 20 Puzzle Pieces to be found across Twilight Town. Once at the Sandlot, speak to the man in front of the chalkboard to hear the rules of Struggle. Near the exit leading to the Atrium (travel east). After defeating the Nobodies, Sora meets a new Organization XIII member and receives Seifer's Trophy. There are 20 Puzzle Pieces to be found across Twilight Town. As Sora leaves the Train Station, enter the Underground Concourse via opening 5. This fight doesn't make a whole lot of sense, as only Riku met Lexaeus in Castle Oblivion. You will need to defeat Shadow Roxas, a task that isn't too difficult. As the final day begins, you'll find yourself under attack by a pair of mysterious creatures. The Reaction Command appears every time. The Journal updates with a few new pictures for the Album, and the final entry in the Story for Twilight Town. The Tram does not currently run, so use the tunnels and exit through door 4, or return to the World Map via any save point and land somewhere closer, like The Usual Spot. Viewing this scene adds Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and a new Sora entry to the Journal. Turn the camera to look south, and spot another chest. Atop column. From the Usual Spot, head south to the Sandlot. Assistance. After the scenes, Sora regains the Oathkeeper Keyblade and earns the Limit Drive Form. The crown here is in the northeast corner (Piece #4). Inspect the tunnel to enter it and you will find Vivi sitting in a corner. Follow the on-screen commands to talk with the various villagers and try to clear your name. I used the technique shown in the video below to complete this Mission. There are three members of Mushroom XIII to fight in Twilight Town, and I will go through them in numerical order. Head towards the rear glass doors for a Mythril Crystal (Treasure #33). Continue along the tram path to the west, eventually finding the small water feature where Roxas fought a shadow version of himself. -Puzzle Pieces: 1) Timeless River #2 2) Atlantica #1 3) Atlantica #2 4) Port Royal #4 5) Agrabah #2 6) Agrabah #3 7) Agrabah #8 8) Halloween Town #6 9) Twilight Town #3 10) Twilight Town … Ride the Tram to the opposite end of the Tram Common until you reach the green building near the exit to The Old Woods. A large mysterious enemy will then appear to challenge you. You can simply run up to the Station Plaza and talk to Hayner to move along the story. Defeat Setzer 10 times to unlock the battle against Seifer. Put Thundaga on one of the shortcuts, as Sora will be casting it repeatedly. In Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2.5 HD Remix I am having trouble getting some of the puzzle pieces. The best tool you have is the Reaction Command for Mega Impact. Meet up with Roxas' friends on Market Street where some story scenes will take over that leave you at the Station of Serenity. If there's any issues, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Approach the enemy to capture him. Luckily, they all vanish after being hit just once, so Do not worry about combos—just approach each enemy, hit him once, then move to the next. Also make sure the Berserk Charge ability is equipped, either from the Abillity itself, or the Fatal Crest Keyblade. Sora can attempt all of the jobs that Roxas completed during the prologue episode; this is necessary to complete the Journal, but is better left until post-game. From the entrance, move up the stairs then turn west to find a Hi-Potion and a Tent (Treasures #13-14). Sora receives Piece #16 during his first visit to Twilight Town, immediately after receiving his new clothes. Leave the tower and return to Twilight Town via the train. I can't beat a few of the side missions in Twilight Town. Run left or right to avoid, then move in to execute attacks of your own. Sora pulls the Mushroom out of the ground and hurls it into the sky, which de-activates his lock-on. Employ the same tactics to defeat the bunch and then try to go through the doorway. There's a very easy way to beat this mini-game: mash the TRIANGLE button. Use the Library at the east side of the Foyer to enter the Computer Room. Use the reaction command to perform a reversal, stunning all enemies at once. Enter the Market Street: Tram Common area. Behind the lock, in the center of the area. As it does, you'll be able to execute a reaction command to dodge the attack and float upwards towards the enemy's head. Grab the item inside before talking to the women to progress the story. It may take a few tries to get the hang of this encounter, but the nearby save point in The White Room allows you to leave and replenish the Drive Gauge. Twilight Town. If, no matter what, you can't manage to get this down below 10 seconds, leave for a bit, and come back with a higher Magic score. On a rooftop. The Album updates with two new entries as well. Hit the ball once to get it into the air, then perform simple three-hit aerial combos to keep it bouncing. Head north and just a little bit west to find a Mythril Shard (Treasure #4), then straight east from there for a Hi-Potion (Treasure #5). Ascend the eastern stairs for a Mythril Stone (Treasure #34). Turn around, use High Jump and Aerial Dodge to get as high as possible, then Glide through the Station Heights to reach the crown (Piece #1). More Shadows appear, and after going through the door to the Star Chamber, Sora has to fight off even more. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Buy 'Twilight Town 80's Aesthetic' by MintySkulls as a Essential T-Shirt. In the open area where Roxas fought the Vivi clones is another member of Mushroom XIII, as well as a crown (Piece #18). Push onward to the next area and make the first right and you'll pass under an arch. The first three targets (two people and a bird) are all low enough to the ground that Sora can Deliver the mail just be getting close. Follow Market Street to the Tram Common area and make your way to the far east end of the area. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Use the save point, and use the southwestern door before interacting with the computer. The walkway along the northern wall on the upper floor leads to a Serenity Crystal (Treasure #35), and the door at the west end leads to The White Room. Use the doorway to the west, then head south to the next landing and a Mythril Gem (Treasure #23). It's impossible to harm the mysterious enemy at this point, but you still have to try. The idea is simple: hitting an opponent will knock away orbs that you can collect to augment your orb collection. The one by the green building, overlooking the entrance to the Woods, has a Mythril Shard (Treasure #11), while the chest overlooking the accessory shop also holds a Mythril Shard (Treasure #9). When they disappear, however, the Berserker leaves behind its large weapon. Just repeat this pattern of defend and attack and you will have no trouble beating the enemy at all. Puzzle Piece: World: Area: Location: Piece #1: Hollow Bastion: Merlin's House: Above the bed. Use the exit to the south that leads to area 2, the Tunnelway. Struggle can be replayed in the Sandlot while Twilight Town is available. Afterwards, walk into the forest to initiate another cutscene. For the best tips, I recommend watching the following video: Cast a Magnega to bring the bees together, then Thundaga to take them all out in one shot. When Yen Sid is done talking, go through the tall, green door. They're all pretty weak, each dying in a few hits. As after you have initiated the next story sequence, you will not be coming back to this part of town. The Doppelganger is the next closest wonder to check out. Fight off the enemies and then open up the nearby chest. In order to land at Twilight Town for Episode 3, Sora must clear the Gummi Route Assault of the Dreadnought. Visit the Market Street: Station Heights area and talk to the woman standing next to Wantz's Item Shop to try SB Street Rave. Sora meets Pete, and gets to fight a bunch of Shadows. On the first column. Back on the upper floor, enter The White Room off to the west. You need to dodge the floating balls in order to get close enough to the back wall that you can inspect it again (be ready to press TRIANGLE). You'll be transported to Sunset Station from there, where you'll begin to uncover the six wonders of Twilight Town. There is a Potion (Treasure #10) slightly to the east of the tunnel. Return to the computer room, save again if you feel like it, then speak with Pence. The Heartless should go down in a few seconds. Use the save point, then return to the Foyer and cross to the east side, entering the Library. Under the ledge to the left of the save point. Now it's time to deliver the pain! Inside the Tower, take an Ether (Treasure #19) and a Mythril Shard (Treasure #20) from the ground floor, and use the save point if you need it. Leave the Entryway to find the Mushroom outside The Tower. With the battle over, grab the two items inside the tower and head up the Wayward Stairs. You can safely attack him for a long while before Axel starts to get challenging. Enter the building. *Backface culling. After solving the mystery, be sure to run around Twilight Town to secure the four treasure chests. Climb the building with the rainbow awnings or backtrack through the area with the bees to get back on the upper level of the buildings. Head inside to encounter some new enemies that fight much like the enemies of before. Your first Struggle battle is against Hayner, and the battle should be easy. After some more story sequences, you can run up a long, spiraling path. If he blocks your attack, keep attacking to break his guard and knock out his orbs. as he performs a dive attack towards you. P orted to and saved in XPS 11.6, so they may not function in earlier versions. Enter Wisdom Form right before beginning the duel. The initial cutscene upon landing also introduces Sora to Vivi. Sora teams up with Axel to fight off the rest of the Nobodies, including the Assassin. Doing so allows you to always successfully counter the attack, damaging Axel and also encouraging him to perform less deadly attacks against you. Yen Sid's book has three different entries to read. Vous héritez d'un manoir mystérieux et arrivez dans une ville mystique pour observer votre nouveau domaine. Start the match by being very aggressive. During any scene like this where you lose control of Roxas, watch for reaction commands to appear and be prepared to press TRIANGLE. Enter the Central Station and take the train to Sunset Station. When you are ready to proceed, speak with Donald to board the train. This is necessary to complete the secondary objective for Seifer's missions in the Journal. kh2 twilight town puzzle pieces. Enter Sunset Hill to the west. You can then get some free hits before reversing them again to continue the stun. Swap back to Thundaga spamming when MP is restored, and then back again to basic attacks once it runs out. Sora and company will be attacked by a seemingly endless supply of enemies. 12 in the courtyard. Attempt to stun the enemy by executing the reversal command. Allié . At the start, avoid his attacks and counter like usual. Requires, Under the ledge with the large treasure chest containing the area map. Enter the mansion after the scenes. There are 144 puzzle pieces in all, and each piece will fit into one of the six puzzles. Once again, you are able to choose a weapon which will reflect the skill bonus you get afterwards. Ascend the final set of stairs to meet Yen Sid. Enter Final Form and start the duel, then immediately cast Reflega. Ascend the ramps and staircases to the square room with a pillar in the center near the northern exit to the Station Plaza. There is no attainable "end" to this battle; it transitions into a cutscene once enough time has passed. With Axel defeated, go through the next doorway (the one marked "???"). © 2021 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Present in the Sandlot is the Absent Silhouette for Lexaeus. Ascend the stairs and go through the portal to reach the Wayward Stairs.