During her reign in the castle as one of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness's minions, it is probable that Maleficent either created or remodeled the castle's keep, which has decorations and models of roses and her thorned plants. At one point, it is the only remaining part of the city. Riku departs, and Donald and Goofy, having been ordered to follow the Keybearer, reluctantly follow him. Part 3(Twilight Town (Second Visit) - Pride Lands(Second Visit)) is 4.90 GB. Thank goodness, it's all over with the Hollow Bastion now. If it's the third, then Disney Castle is unlocked. Kingdom Hearts 2:Hollow Bastion/100 Acre Woods 2nd+1st visit avengerbay. However, a brilliant flash of light blows the Heartless back, and in place of the Heartless, there is Sora, fully restored. The promotional trailers for Kingdom Hearts II depicted Sora, Donald, and Goofy running towards the horde of Heartless, which included a new kind of Behemoth and several Final Mix-d… Jump up on his back and whack away at his horn with powerful combos -- he sure takes a while to go down, with more HP than the Dragon even, but he does collapse eventually. Need LV2 High Jump and LV1 Aerial Dodge. There is a portrait of Xehanort in the study, though it is unknown if Ansem or Xehanort put the painting up there. Rather, it was on the second floor. 0.2 Birth by Sleep-A fragmentary passage-, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Need to jump into bubble at Rising Falls to retrieve, Can only be reached after the second trip to Hollow Bastion, Can get after the first visit to Space Paranoids, Open after completing Space Paranoids for the first time. Something is wrong in the castle, and Goofy sugests that they get Merlin to help. Hollow Bastion - Merlin's House (For the time being, this is the only save point accessible during gameplay) 3. At that moment, massive legions of Heartless attack, and swarm Kairi and Sora's Heartless, much to Donald and Goofy's horror. Sora is able to realize that Riku is no longer in control of his own body. Once through, Data-Sora, Donald, and Goofy climb the castle and confront Pete in the Chapel. Sora goes in and stops this threat, thus putting an end to all calamity in Hollow Bastion, and restoring it to its original title, Radiant Garden. Riku knocks both Donald and Goofy back behind a preset barrier, and Kairi's heart reacts to the Keyblade of People's Hearts' power, causing Sora crippling pain. Enter the double doors at the main gate and bear left up the stairs to the Library, just like before. After defeating Pete several times, Data-Sora is confronted by Data-Riku, who has been corrupted with bugs, courtesy of Pete, and is made to fight him. However, when Sora confront her, Maleficent scoffs him off and transforms into her Dragon from to get rid of him. Kingdom Hearts II . The Beast staggers on despite his injuries, and Sora quickly gets over his shock to help him. After talking to Cid once more in District 1, leave Traverse Town and head back to the Hollow Bastion. Data-Sora explores Hollow Bastion in Episode 6 of Kingdom Hearts coded. Showing all 3 items Jump to: Summaries (2) ... Sora quickly moves back to Hollow Bastion knowing that the evil Malifient is still alive and has Pete doing her dirty work, including to bug Sora every now and then. On the way, though, be sure to stop in the Grand Hall (where you fought Riku) to clear the area of chests, including what should be the very last set of three Dalmatians.