I made custom photos with them before and this time I grabbed a few to try a mod podge craft. Paint Brushes. How can I prepare a piece of wood for handcrafts? Hey there! So as per usual my weekly trip to the dollar tree was a success. Bottles (24 units) Currently 5.00/5; Plays: Length: 0:16. embed. As thin as this napkin from Ikea is, it is in fact two ply. If you dollar tree carries it? Step 4: Continue applying the mod … There’s just something majestic about the viny growths. I am super excited to share another upcycled bottle using floral print Dollar Tree napkins. I found this one at the Dollar Tree. There is my quickie mod podge dollar tree craft for the day! For this step, I didn’t apply Mod Podge outside of the papered area because I wanted the painted area to stay really matte, while I wanted the paper to have the gloss that comes from Mod Podge. Now you may notice that in my photo of my candle that the glass is painted black. Let me start by telling you something about Mod Podge Matte you might not know: IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME as Mod Podge Gloss and Mod Podge Satin with the exception of the finish. What does that even mean. I've purchased it from the dollar store, and although it comes in small containers, it is good stuff. It’s going to be really pretty, but it’s going to be handmade and unique. Paint a coat of teal and allow to dry. Unless you have some in your craft stash, which is entirely possible, if you’re anything like me. The tall glass candles are one of my favorites. WARNING! It will come out with a … Step 3:  Apply some Mod Podge to the candle, vertically with your paint brush. So, you’re in for a treat because this is basically an Ikea hack mixed with a Dollar Tree craft. Add in an entire vial of glitter. Mr. Honey Do usually has to pull out all the pumpkins in the … The napkin is now 1 ply and very flimsy. decoupage napkins – again any napkin with 2 to 3 plys, from the Dollar Tree! These pretty vases are a perfect little extra something for a gift of flowers, or just because. Decorative Winter Candles …frosty glass candleholder using Dollar Tree’s pint jars, glitter, ribbon, and wintry embellishments. There’s one spot beneath the TV in here (which you can’t see in that pic) that needed a little something and some cute candles would be perfect. They will definitely make me smile as they flicker away. Video Home » Case of Mod Podge Matte Craft Adhesive, 2-oz. Gloss Mod Podge Spray I used wooden beads as a detail around the tray, but you could easily use dollar tree rope, or something else that you have; The Key for this Project is to layer, and then use your fine grit sanding sponge to take away what you want. Matte Mod Podge. So I’ve put together this post for you. Mod Podge Matte Craft Adhesive-- crafter's must, … How can I make wall decorations using pallets? I was originally impressed with their artists' canvases a year or two … The Dollar Tree pumpkin… my inspiration for this project and to get rid of that horrid green thing on top of it. Share: Facebook: Twitter: Shop Dollar Tree online and find a variety of items for your home, business, or organization. This guide doesn’t exhaust every retailer, but it covers the major ones. Pinterest. Step 1:  Clean off your candles. Or you could probably do this with wrapping paper. I picked up two plain glass vases and one pack of tissue paper. I made over the Dollar Tree Candle with some napkins I got from Ikea. Just start with a small vertical section, from top to bottom. I made custom photos with them before and this time I grabbed a few to try a mod podge craft. There was a problem … Love the Dollar Tree jars. Which made the outside of the candle … To start you will need some inexpensive canvases. Here it is. Completely Cover the Pumpkin Foam Form . So, mine are going in my living room. Preparing Decoupage Napkins. First pop the faux stems off, they are just held in place with a toothpick. Cut strips of fabric that measure from top of pumpkin to bottom. Because, really the idea here isn’t that this is going to be perfect. I have a special trick for you at the end for fixing any mistakes, though, so don’t miss it! I found the napkins at the Dollar Tree also which made these decoupage candles very inexpensive. Decorative Doily Candleholders Use glass canning jars, paper doilies, Mod Podge®, and twine from Dollar Tree to create beautiful neutral candleholders, perfect for any space! Step 7:  Apply some Mod Podge (again, GENTLY) with your paintbrush to the rest of the top side of the napkin to help it stay nice and stuck down and to give it a little bit of a sheen when it’s done drying. It stinks when this happens, so do your best to only touch the parts of the candle that don’t have napkin on it. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge Gloss to the exterior of the paper to seal and finish. … I think they came out pretty cute, even though I messed up a couple of times. My living room has morphed into a space that has a lot of black and white. And if you make a small mistake, it’s not a big deal. I used fabric because I loved this print, … This bottle of Mod Podge will be used in said project. If you look at it wrong, it will rip. Wanting to know how to make ur own knotty pine hardwood flooring. The top piece of the napkin separated form the bottom…  It was generally a mess, so have some patience and separate the napkin. 4. Santa sign from Dollar Tree; mod podge ; grey and white paint; paint brush; fabric (or scrapbook paper) scissors ; pen; sandpaper ; cotton ball; First, pop off the foam trim of his hat. These DIYs are in celebration of National Mod Podge Day! 2. That’s pretty awesome, I think. Are you ready? Use your brush to stipple the paint and cause a speckled effect. Step 2:  Separate your napkin. Mod Podge all the flowers, including the stems and leaves, to the backer paper. 4 Patriotic DIYs using Dollar Tree items for either Memorial Day or 4th of July! Step 6:  When you’ve made it all the way around the candle, you’re going to have a lot of leftover napkin. I already had some mod podge paper leftover from my Bird plaque art so I wanted to use that up. Give the entire thing a coat of Mod Podge and then let it dry again. I also swung by Michaels and bought some Mod Podge. Coat the entire jar … Paint with Mod Podge Step 2: Add the glitter. You may see my other Seasonal DOLLAR TREE CRAFTS. I think I have done enough projects for the week. ... Mod Podge ; Foam Brush; Glitter; Scissors; Paper or plastic bowls; Flameless Tea Light; Paper or another table protector; Damp paper towel and some dry paper towels ; INSTRUCTIONS for decoupage tea light candle holder STEP 1: Selecting … And a few other things I love. So that’s why I grabbed these black and white window pane-like napkins from Ikea to wrap the candles in. We also got some canvas panels. Dollar Tree mod podge works well, their containers are just very small for most projects is the only complaint I have. Paint Brush (I like these foam ones for Mod Podge, but whatever you have will do). Bunch up paper towel, squeeze a dab of white paint … The acrylic craft paints dry pretty quickly, I was outside and the whole project took 1 hour. tissue … Then, place your page pieces on the pumpkin, one at a time and brush a layer of mod podge over the pieces to adhere them to the pumpkin. This is the typically the top selling and most widely available formula, and that means it’s just about everywhere: Amazon, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Michaels, Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and on and on. I know because I tried it the lazy way without separating and it didn’t work out well. Step 5:  Apply a little more Mod Podge to the next vertical portion of the candle and keep smoothing the napkin over it. Smooth it GENTLY! Related posts: Mod Podge on glass with … What can I use to make a 4ft high reading loft in our rental home? I made over the Dollar Tree Candle with some napkins I got from Ikea. Paint the jar with Mod Podege. Every year I search for the perfect stem. Linkedin. How do I glue foam craft sheets together or to hard plastic? Yes... you can grab some cool surfaces AND your Mod Podge at the … I find the easiest way to pull … If there is not much needing done, they are great, for only $1. Snip off nearly all of the excess from the bottom and sides, add some mod podge to the bottom of the candle and tuck the little bit of extra onto the bottom of the candle so that you don’t have to worry about having a perfect bottom edge. The candles might not be “perfect” but they are handmade and inexpensive. I kind of am stalling because I’m going to be honest, there’s not a lot to this tutorial. If you are asking about projects to do, here is a place to start, https://modpodgerocksblog.com/learn-how-to-mod-podge/, What You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Old Clothes. While this is a large matte jar of Mod Podge, I recently picked up a small jar of glossy Mod Podge at my local Dollar Tree. Email - Hide Images Download. What do you want to know about this? That’s kind of like a cheap person’s crafting nirvana. Put any excess back in the bottle. 6. Here's another mod podge upcycled vase using Dollar Tree napkins. BUT! So, you’re in for a treat because this is basically an Ikea hack mixed with a Dollar Tree craft. Twitter. Where I can look at them while I sit on the couch and read. What is the best drill set for newbie senior DIYer? It went much faster when I mixed … Somebody needed to say it and it might as well be me. Does Anyone have any Inexpensive Craft Ideas? What is the wooden art called where the picture is made wood shapes, What is the best way to smooth wood on apple crates. DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins (Approximate cost per pumpkin project $1.85) For the yellow pumpkin: (gives a quilted look) 1. The book page decoupage pumpkin is complete unless you want to add some other embellishments. Finish your candle off with a silver and white ribbon and bell… Do you feel like I’m stalling? We wont be using this! To make, … Next, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up the pumpkins. You can also, depending on the type of pattern you chose for your napkin, add a little piece of the napkin to cover a hole if you’ve made one. And you say, “I made them”. Since the napkins are so thin, the light from the LED candle still shines through creating a beautiful effect. Pour Mod Podge Ultra inside and swirl around to cover the entire inside. It pretty much can be summed up with: “Mod Podge the napkin to the candle”. Get tons of easy, budget friendly ideas here – then head to your local Dollar Tree for supplies! Next, you’ll want to trace the outline of Santa’s hat onto your scrapbook paper or fabric. Matte medium is a better sealer/adhesive. Share this... Facebook. Here’s another one of those “nuances”. How do I make my own wind chimes for my porch? When I say “nuances”, I mean mistakes. It looks like a watercolor painting! I'm trying to find small wood project to make that I can sell. See you Friday for my featured home tour. Step 4:  Apply the napkin the area you just mod podged. What Are Your Favorite Uses for a Dremel? Dollar Tree has awesome stuff for crafting. Dollar Tree mod podge works well, their containers are just very small for most projects is the only complaint I have. I think I did too many crafts and before we knew it, Spring had Sprung and no one cared. You can totally grab the Mod Podge and the Napkins and the Paintbrush while you’re there if you want to. I love this adhesive for making these ornaments but you can try other types as well. Want to try the best dollar store crafts with Mod Podge? Instructions. So happy to have you here! SUPPLIES: Dollar tree pillar glass candle. Your fingers will stick to the napkin and the napkin will bunch or even tear. Fine Sand Paper. A little height on top of the little table that’s there and a little candlelight ambience will be great in this room that is right next to the kitchen. So go slow and steady and gently, gently smooth it, but don’t worry if it has some creases. Normally it is sold in larger jars at craft stores. Add Dimensional Magic on the top of each flower. Adding a little bling was just the right touch. Then you’ll need to grab a black candle. There are still pops of color, because you know I love color, but when I brought in the giant cow: I started to add sort of like a base of black and white. The glass on mine had some wax on it which would have meant an unsightly bump under the napkin, so give the glass a wipe down. The whole thing will cost you like 7 bucks. My idea for a fall door hanger is not original, but I had fun putting together my version using a few items from the Dollar Tree: Pizza Pan; Plaid Fabric; Mod Podge; Tinsel Stems; Plus essential craft items like chalk paint, sponge brush, scissors, pencil, measuring tape, fabric glue and a graphic fall design. The size sold there for $1 is sold for $4 at a well-known national craft store. With a little Mod Podge and decorative napkins, I turned them into something super cute. After the sealing coat is dry, coat the stem with Mod Podge or glue and sprinkle the stem with glitter. Strips measure approximately 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. Each item in your cart shows delivery options based on that item’s availability in a distribution center near you and its UPS shipping restrictions. Use the sand paper to rough up the surface of your wood. I get asked all the time where the best place is to buy Mod Podge formulas – what they carry – and how much it is. This summer door wreath uses dollar store supplies. Dollar tree sell very small jars of modgepodge that is suitable for very small projects. Water. It wasn’t so very long ago that Mod Podge became available in Dollar Tree stores, in case you were wondering. I actually picked these up at the Dollar Tree, but you could find them at Hobby Lobby too. Mod Podge; White Glitter; Twine; Dollar Tree Jingle Bells; Dollar Tree Greenery; Hot Glue; Dollar Tree votives; What You will Need Votive Holder Step 1: Paint the Jar with ModPodge.