Anybody out there that knows where to download a compatibility list for main springs? ; If you would like to contribute to this … That’s a very good accuracy for a pistol and the shooter. Thanks A lot of our Tech Force pellet guns are replicas of well known models from RWS and Beeman. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. This “Westlake” pistol is a China-made crappy SMK S2 pistol sold under fancy names like Westlake, Norconia, Tech Force etc. S2 Air Pistol The popular Tech Force 99 is the most power for your buck of any brand we sell reaching 1100 FPS in .177 and 900 FPS in .22 cal! This single shot air pistol is a break barrel type which fires at around 300 ft per second. From your statement it looks like your pistol is superb especially that its muzzle velocity is barely 360fps. S2 .177 Air Pistol Pellet Gun S2 .177 Break Barrel Air Pistol Pellet Gun A powerful .177 caliber air pistol are ideal for recreational purposes sport, hunting and vermin control. I don’t have the S2/Westlake/Norconia but most reviews I’ve read about it say that it’s a piece of crap and has no accuracy beyond, say, 15 feet. I found this on the web and thought it may be interesting... China: Benjamin Trial / Superstreak series = based on BAM B19 platform B1 = Umarex China 61 B2 = SMK Custom B2 / Umarex China 62 / Norconia Germany (premium) / Lider 2 / Blazer Hornet / Swiss Arms XT32 / Diana 25 B3 = B3-1 / B3-2 / Blazer Ranger / Magnum Sport / Norconia Germany ProTarget & Master/ B3-3 / B3-4 … The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. The .177 Pellet Guns feature a fully adjutable sight connector and wooden stock. AIR ARMS S200 Lc = CZ200 Or = DAISY Avanti XS40 Valiant Lc AIR ARMS TX200 Or = BAM B40 Fa = BMK40 Lc AIRMAX Eq = Hatsan Or ALFAMAX Eq = Hatsan Or ARTEMIS Eq = Snow Peak Airguns, SPA Or BAM B1 Fa = Diana 25 Or = Umarex 61 Lc BAM B2 Fa = Norconia … Technische Daten: You have plenty of videos about it on You Tube. Wooden Grip, Solid metal construction. Industry Brand - SAG Shanghai Air Gun Factory 9F, Zhongcheng Building, No.2159 South Pudong Road Pudong 200127, Shanghai, PR China - Importatore Norconia - Norconia Jagd und Sport GmbH - Ostring 13, 97228 Rottendorf - I am blessed to be getting more work in like old FALKE and Gecado air rifles, but need to know Which spring will work. Norconia S2 / S2PG Druckluftpistole mit Kipplauf, Balkenkorn, verstellbares Visier, S2 mit Hartholzgriff und das Modell S2PG mit Plastikgriff. A great pellet pistol at a great price. 91 Members (21 invisible) and 439 Guests - Record: 152 Users (Dec 20th 2020, 6:59pm) Users Online 530. Muzzle velocity close to 200fps and lousy accuracy. Need to know wire thickness, OD, ID, overall length for the different air rifles. Yes, save your money for something better.