He unfriended me and blocked me, now he's liking my photos? You're just fine. 14. 5'10" is considered average these days, which really scares me. just go enjoy the simple things in life, quite worrying and forget about "in twenty years" besides wait untill you graduating class is in their 80's, everyone will be short. This frequent interaction: Therefore, the only way they won't make fun of you is if your height was about the same as theirs, or "average." Maintain eye contact with the bully and keep your face relaxed. Then when I don't say anything, they just keep on goin. Don't get surgery. 0 0. No one is perfect so there must be something wrong with the guy. At the same time, don't develop a Napoleon complex either. Jerks don't deserve polite response. If it is your friends that are teasing you, consider finding new friends. Agree with him. Image Source . Because he is obviously a strange specimen. Even Salma Hayek was self-conscious of her height when she was younger. … Be confident in your height, whether it be "too" tall or "too" short. It's average for a guy (along that spectrum). A lot of people consider me and call me short. It's possible they think … The right length for a person's legs is when their feet touch the ground.” ― Coluche tags: comedy, funny, height, humor, insecurity, self-acceptance. You're not that short dude. No, not a spam question. I don't know why you let it bother you so much, you can't grow. Some good comebacks would help alot thnks. Sign in. ... Making fun of someone never makes the situation better. There are some things you can do to increase/fool your height (not by much), like sleeping on your back, wearing elevator shoes, wearing clothing with vertical stripes, stretching and yoga, swimming, et cetera. For instance, if someone is making fun of your hair, you can post a pic showing what you love about it, including a caption, such as "Others may not love it, but I think my hair rocks!" * People tend to make fun of height if a person is unusually tall, or unusually short (in comparison to whatever is average). First off, are you wanting to do this surgery for you? Motive, Means, and Opportunity. -oh, am i short today too? My chum is 4'11" and could be 14 next month and he or she has continuously hated being short to. In the media, heightism can take the form of making fun of people whose height is out of the normal range in ways that would be unseemly if directed at skin color or weight. So act like you don't care. Hearing a short person go on and on about their height gets old pretty quickly. I wouldn’t say it offends me, because I don’t let things get on my nerves – if I can help it. you gotta find some way to use their put-down as a comedic relief and possibly a put-down back to them. Seriously dude people are calling you short at 5ft 10? go get your surgery, be $1500 in the hole while people MOCK YOU because your not man enough to accept that you ARE tall. Women from all over are left confused and a little annoyed when men start making fun of them, even when they’re otherwise entirely pleasant. You must live with all the giants. You may find that it will beneficial for the people in your life to support you by speaking with him. Here you go! Or if he's making fun of your height because you're tall, then just punch him. Is it wrong to flirt without actually liking her? Find confidence in other things that people will find attractive and you won't have to worry about your height. Here are some really awesome comebacks we curated for you from Pinterest and you must use when someone calls you short. To stop your friends from making fun of you, first try to join in on the joke, since they’re probably trying to have fun and don’t mean it personally. Is so, why did... Do you sing "Auld Lang Syne" on new year's eve. My boyfriend is 5'5" and he's perfect the way he is. And maybe a few years to come. Plain and simple. As a rule, when a person makes fun of you, focus on disarming the situation rather than making fun of them back. 3. What they do is make a stupid joke, and when other people laugh at it, they keep doing it, and it doesn't make me feel good. I’ve been there. You seem to want to develop a relationship with him. Exactly! i've never seen 5'10 made fun of as short. ... Why you tall people are so proud of your height? Don't get surgery. Cos if you're gonna grow some more, you could say 'well I will grow, but you will always be fat/ugly/stupid/whatever.'. How I understand the verse “Many called but few are chosen”. I know guys who are like 5 foot 1. 4. Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, your arms hanging down at your sides, and your hands relaxed. most girls are under 5'10 in height, why would they reject you for that? Calmly tell them that this is really upsetting you. Coming from this perspective, good comebacks are not aggressive or derogatory. Its as ridiculous as saying a woman laughed at you because you had a big penis. How to cope with the fear of being alone in life? What your saying sounds ridiculous. At the same time, don't develop a Napoleon complex either. Don't let it get to you. But that doesn’t mean it gets any less annoying. You're actually about average for a guy. why do you care about what other people say? Look at him like you would look at an animal in the zoo. The guys who make fun of you are assholes. Tallest person so far never become the greatest hum en/a person to be appreciated in his/her contributions to the society. actually you are wrong the best way to deal with a bully is to ignore them the less and less they see that they're winning the less and less they will try to bully you trust me dude i use to bully kids i feel bad about it now but stay strong and don't let him/her bother you its not worth your time or effort to combat these people. They always think they're being funny, but it's just stupid. ignoring is not an option with this person, that makes this person feel that the trick is working? Have you ever been in an on and off relationship or dated someone more than once? Imagine if you … Honestly, I didn't write this thread fishing for "5'1 is the perfect height!" I would never have surgery to change my appearance because other people are being mean about how you look. My favorite is the saying,"Yeah I may be short but your stupid and I will grow while you will remain stupid"... or something like that. Can you bring me a drink from the bar, which has a long queue within five minutes, now see this the advantage of being short? Relax it's just the height, not some Olympic medal. tell him "tall always have to bow their heads down while talking to short people while short people always have their heads held up with pride while talking to tall people"(: What do you think of the answers? Just like your weight fluctuates throughout the day, your height … just ignore them and move on. For better or worse, depending on your point of view, our society has become more politically correct. Why do rich people judge poor people and make fun of them? compliments, because I know the world has a huge bias against short people. Rather, they reflect a disinterest in playing this game, and not because of fear or shyness, but because you don’t find it worth your time. If he thinks you don't care, he wont do it anymore. What do you think of the answers? You know your short jokes are running a bit long! What? I was stared at by employees of a 99 cent store like they want to trespass me even while I was at the register paying. I always get made fun of by guys, and girls won't go out with me. To compare the length of different parts of your body with your height, we will first create a string the length of your height. This guy is in his 40s and refuses to date women over 25, will he end up alone since his looks are fading? You must live with all the giants. Why does marijuana make music feel amazing ? Shift the attention away from you onto him and his comments. If he says "you're way too tall" say "yes, I am tall" or "I know" or something. I will prove my thinking and practical approach is much Higher than my physical figure. 4 years ago. Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you! I'm quite a sensitive person who's had insecurities relating to my height for over 10 years. Get answers by asking now. Oh yeah! Ouch! Say he's weird for caring about your height. -good enough to see you haven't trimmed those nose hairs in a few years, -i'd be a lot better if you would shower more often. I wouldn't advise you to get a surgery. how to shut someone up when they make fun of you for being short. Where are you from that 5'10" is considered short? Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Take off your shoes. Imagine they’ve made the joke about someone else and laugh about it. People make fun of me because I'm 4'10 and in 8th grade. I shoot something about his looks right back at him. I think you just made that up. Forget people. Guys, Why does everyone make so much fun of China and Korea but not india? You aren't even short. I find most people morally repulsive and hard to stand, why am I like this? ... may fear rejection. [8] Anonymous. It’s much simpler and it yields much better results. What, is everyone in your town extremely tall? In life, there are no tall or short people. Short people know they are short, it isn’t a surprise, so it’s no wonder we aren’t thrilled when someone points it out and they think that they are incredibly funny. Hmmm lemme rephrase that. Make sure that your posture is assertive. Seriously dude people are calling you short at 5ft 10? … I felt like Ugly Betty many, many times. You are just blowing up smoke. I will prove my thinking and practical approach is much Higher than my physical figure. I've made peace with being small and honestly don't really think about it much except for … Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. That's not short. Seeing tall and talking too high does not mean a person is tall, but when a person positively behave greatly he/she become tall/great. How should I respond? We're not all over 6'0". Your Height Changes All Day Long. Community Answer. You're fine. what if you have found a particularly annoying bully, who brings up the topic of your height, how do u deal with such a bully? Great comebacks when people call you short. So girls, if you are tired of people commenting on your height, it’s time you stop worrying. Although friends sometimes tease each other, it is never okay for a friend to relentlessly tease you regardless of your requests for them to stop. I'm a 22 year old woman and am 5'1 (I know you're dying to know!) 1 decade ago. Image Source . Quit whining. Friends should not make each other feel bad. There are some things you can do to increase/fool your height (not by much), like sleeping on your back, wearing elevator shoes, wearing clothing with vertical stripes, stretching and yoga, swimming, et cetera. you do not provide up turning out to be till you're about 20, so that you nonetheless have a good form of time to seize. Still have questions? 5'10" is tall. Source: What you have achieved by your height rather than … presently nonetheless, i imagine she has grown somewhat taller. ... Everyone makes fun of my short height, weight, and color, and they're mostly my own family. In another 20 years it will be considered short. Realistically, you have to remember that when people are looking for someone to date seriously, height is usually going to matter the least after general appearance personality, and work ethic. My ex unfriended me on Facebook but still likes my photos? Funny talks/opinion are to be taken as funny only. By increasing your circle of loyal friends you are establishing more people who will stand up for you when someone is making fun of you. If he's insulting, I might as well insult him back. I am down to earth. Or if he's making fun of your height because you're tall, then just punch him. 2. 1 0. And if it does get to you, don't let them know that it's getting to you. How old are you anyway? 1. So there is nothing special about their height - - they are just average. It’s considered rude. When someone gets rude about your height: View this post on 13. Rather, we all want to seize that opportunity by giving it right in that person’s face. I’m very short so when I was growing up, people made fun of me as if it was like a birth defect, a deformity… like I was in a circus or something. Deal. only wait, you may finally end up being taller than the human beings who tease you already know, and then you'll tease them. Why did this holiday suck for me. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. bro don't do that thatd hurt and takesa long time, I'm short to, only 5'6 but I decided to become one of those superjacked short people... nobody cept my friends make fun of my height now because theyre scared id beat the sh*t outa them =P. First I kick them and say "Good things always come in small packages". I know what it feels like when a girl calls you short, or someone comments on your height or the same person keeps on bringing up how they’re much taller than you…. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Dude, I'm 6 foot 2 and one of the tallest guys in my school of 1500. your not short, and a surgery will only make your day suck more as you sit in a recovery room, cost you money, and make you buy al new pants, its reall not worth it at all. Wow. Anonymous. You might even want to smile a little, since this demonstrates assertiveness. In the UK how do people afford houses worth like 5 or 10 million??? And when you stand next to any of your friends: Twitter: @tbhjuststop. Guys who make fun of women come in a variety of flavors, with an array of reasons. by Leave a Comment. Image Source . Why is it socially forbidden to make fun of a girls weight but its okay for people to make fun of guys dick size and height? I really hate my height. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. After all, nobody goes on and on about how bald or portly other people are. Even Salma Hayek was self-conscious of her height when she was younger. You're fine. Yes, the ground floor is fun because I like to be stick to the ground unlike you who fly without any reason. 0 likes. You will be punched but it might be worth it. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. are they really making fun of your height or just messing around? An example is Kevin Connolly's portrayal of Eric "E" Murphy in HBO's television series Entourage (Connolly is 5 ft 5 in or 1.65 m) really everyone has boost spurts and is going by puberty at distinct situations. Seeing tall … There's no such thing as too tall or too short, everyone's height is different and there's nothing wrong with yours.